Realistic Games brings explosive action with brand new game released

The Brits may not have been a major development force in the past when it comes to online casino games, but that is something that is definitely changing. Around the United Kingdom small development studios are popping up, as the green shots of growth become clear. The online casino industry is growing in the UK and it is obvious that home-grown talent and development is playing a key part in this.

Considered to be the biggest and most active name in British online casino game development according to various online casino portals. It seems that Realistic Games is the company leading the charge for UK based online casino game development. Not to let anyone down and continuing to champion the cause, Realistic Games has created a new title in Fireworks that is all set to explode this October.

Lighting up the Sky

In the United Kingdom fireworks night is one of the most celebrated nights of the year. So, it only makes sense that a tie-in game was released in the build-up to the big event. Explosive and easy on the eye, the newest game from Realistic Games is Fireworks, which is undoubtedly what it delivers. With a full-screen feature and plenty of flash, Fireworks is a 5-reel slot game that is making plenty of noise. Largely considered to be the first true game of its kind, Fireworks will shortly be made available at Ladbrokes Casino and Bet365 Casino, along with other Realistic Games backed operators. If you’re looking to play Realistic Games, you can find a casino online at, along with a good deposit bonus as a new player.

Ready to Blow

If you haven’t guessed already, the theme of Fireworks is a firework display. The likes of which will light up the skies in the UK on November 5th. The theme, while modern and boisterous, does contain several classic elements. Taking place across 3-rows and 5-reels, players have 10 paylines at their disposal, as the game plays from left to right. The goal is clear, match three symbols on the reels along an active payline and a payout will be heading your way.

Extra Features

Making sure that players get plenty of literal ‘bang for their buck’ when they play Fireworks. It isn’t just the impressive standard game and visual design that will captivate player’s attention; it also has a deep roster of extra features. To the right of the screen players will a single large firework, with its fuse running underneath the reels. The whole goal from a player’s perspective is to get this fuse lit, making sure it stays lit, and pushing it towards setting off the firework. The more winning combinations you make the better chance you have of seeing the firework go off. When this happens players will secure the right to play in the Fireworks Bonus Game. At this point the reels will light up and players will be able to make a reel sticky. The goal is to make sure that this reel stays locked, so you can load up on prizes. Extra features aren’t uncommon in online slot games, but few games offer such a flawless tie-in.

Eagerly Anticipated

As November 5th inches closes and closer, people are getting more excited about the upcoming firework festivities, so make sure to keep your eyes out for online casino bonus offers for this new game. But if you don’t fancy braving the cold winter air don’t worry, as Realistic Gaming is bringing the firework action to the small screen. Featuring a full-screen playing feature, intriguing bonus elements, and potentially huge payouts, Fireworks is bringing explosive slots action this winter season.